Our singular focus is fighting humanity's worst disease, cancer.


The one-of-a-kind microwave ablation system providing the perfect balance of precise control, flexibility and power.

Physicians who need to ablate soft tissue tumors, both malignant and benign, prefer the MicroThermX microwave ablation system because its 915 MHz frequency results in a deeper penetration into the tissue. Physicians get more power and, at the same time, more control when removing tumors in organs such as lung, liver, and kidney.

When larger ablation zones are required physicians rely on the Synchronous Wave Alignment technology of MicroThermX. Using multiple Perseon antenna tips increases the probability of reaching the center of large tumors and creating larger margins to ensure that all of the surrounding cells are eliminated.

Due to the flexibility of the system physicians use MicroThermX in open surgical procedures and percutaneous ablations. It consists of a single generator and amplifier that deliver microwave energy to single or multiple antenna(s).

The system is not intended for use in cardiac procedures. It is contraindicated in patients with pacemakers or other active electronic device implants and in pregnant women.

"With Perseon, you get a much bigger and better burn in a shorter amount of time." — Dr. Sohail Contractor, Section Chief, Interventional Radiology Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Synchronous Wave Alignment Technology (S.W.A.T.)


Unmatched control and versatility.

Larger, more consistent ablations.

A better option for your patients.

You want to give your patients the best treatment options available today and we share your passion. Which is why we’re proud to offer powerful, consistent ablation systems for soft tissue tumors. You’ll see shorter procedure times and quicker recoveries than RF, with consistently larger, more controlled, more thorough ablations.

Our Synchronous Wave Alignment Technology gives you a more consistent ablation area and more flexible placement compared to asynchronous systems. We at Perseon are your true partner in energy ablation. We understand that cancer is a battle. So we give you the very best tools to fight it.


"With microwave we don't have to worry about that, we can pull the liver down and we know the energy is all going into the tumor, so I think that has been a big advance for our patient population."

-Dr. Carlton Barnett

"In terms of choosing microwave vs. radio frequency, I think the data over the past 5 years has pretty much shown that microwave is the ablation modality to be used, it produces a much wider zone of ablation."

-Dr. Sohail Contractor

"The nurses noticed early on that when you apply microwave energy to a patient it is much less painful than other heat abased ablative therapies like radio frequency."

-Dr. Damian Dupuy


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